PET Laybiong

▣ General common sense

Ravit hatched through eggs, each with its own unique horn, head, torso, wings, legs, tail, etc.

You can freely assemble it in any way you like and grow it in a variety of ways.

Depending on their growth goals, Lacoste has vitality, ranged attack, close range attack, magic and ranged defense, and close range

You can use various functions such as defense, movement speed, item combination and collection ability for your master.

■ NPC related to Lacoste (Southeast of Lostralm Castle)

Veterinarian [679,707] : This is where Lacoste is stored.

Egg dealer [698,707] : You can purchase Lacoste eggs. If you have a lab cost, click the buy egg button andask if youwant to exchange the current lab cost with an egg.

Pet Assembly [698,700] : You can exchange Ravi and Ferragon pieces for each part.

Training Assistant [683,702] : You can use Ravi ‘s experience to increase your Ravi level.

Researcher of Human Lacoste [680,717] : You can producehyper items using Lavi ‘s experience and normal (advanced) hypercapsules .

■ Purchase of Lacoste

Most of the important NPCs related to Lacoste are in Lostholm Castle.

To purchase Lacoste, go to Decardi Lostholm Castle and find Lacoste Al Merchant [698, 707]

You can purchase eggs.

Just buying an egg doesn’t make it expensive, and you have to wear it instead of a cloak for about 20 hours to hatch it.

You will have the appearance of Lacoste.

Rabieb can be raised from players at level 90, eggs can be purchased for 1 million limes, and after 20 hours

Eggs can be hatched.

If a character dies while holding an egg, a 10 minute incubation time is added to the penalty.

■ Lacoste’s Level Up

In order to level up Lacoste, you have to train it with a training assistant.

Of course, for training, you have to bring Lacoste, or you don’t have Lacoste or leave it in the storage room (veterinarian NPC)

In the state, there is no training.

In order to train Lacoste, you will need a portion of the experience gained from hunting monsters and training costs.

When you level up, Ravi’s abilities increase his life, melee attack, melee defense, and ranged attack power.

These numbers cannot be arbitrarily raised by the user, and will rise randomly between certain numbers. As the level goes up

More and more figures go up.

■ Appearance change of Lacoste

To change the look of Lacoste, you can change the look of Lacoste by going to the Lacoste Assemblies [697, 700].

You can select and change the look you want, but at this time, it is not specifically for money, but for experience.

If Lacoste’s experience does not reach that, it is impossible.

And when you exchange a piece of Lacoste, you get a 30% experience back from the previous piece.

In addition, the experience value that is rewarded for exchanging pieces of Lacoste is displayed.

wish. If you change the shape of Lacoste, you can receive additional stats corresponding to peace.

Additional stats will appear in the purchase window before changing their appearance.

At this time, you have to change your appearance by taking good care of the profit and loss.

■ Rabid Loyalty

Lacoste’s lack of loyalty is when he dies in battle, if Lacoste dies in battle, or when he is hungry.

is. In this case, you can either increase your satiety or fight it.

Alternatively, loyalty is restored to 0 even if left in the storage room (veterinarian NPC) for a while. Of course, some lime is consumed.

Lacoste acts differently depending on its loyalty. Be sure to check your loyalty when Lacoste has some power


■ Increase Rabbi Satiety

If you buy a basket item at a Lacoste assembly store, buy an apple at a regular store and press the Q button

Right Shift button + Left mouse button can be added to the cost window of Lacoste.

There is. At this time, Lacoste automatically eats an apple when its satiety falls above a certain level. Apples in the basket

You can only put up to six, so always check that the apples do not fall.

■ View information on costs

You can see the current status of Lacoste by looking at Lacoste’s information.

By looking at the status of Ravi, the user can adjust the Ravi’s mode, take Ravi to a safe place, etc.

Protect Lacoste.

You can see how expensive and loyalty of Lacoste is and how much it is growing.

If you want to see the information of my Lacoste, press the O button on the keyboard or the pet picture button on the top left of the game screen.

You can see.

▣ Control and action mode

Press the right Shift key as you do ‘exchange, party, tablet’, etc. with other users, or click on Rabbi with your mouse or

Pressing Q brings up a menu window that lets you change the way Lacoste currently behaves.

Starting with the leftmost button, the combat mode, companion mode, acquisition mode, evasion mode, support mode, and long range release mode,

There are 8 types of boundary mode and macro mode.


① Battle Mode

This mode gives Lacoste maximum autonomy. The user first attacks the attacked target,

If not, find nearby enemies to engage. At this time, the control is poor, or the damage is high

Be aware that monsters you have may die if they are nearby.

② Accompany mode

Lacoste attacks only the target that the user attacks. Lacoste’s autonomy declines, but acts with the user

So you can fight relatively safely

③ Acquisition mode

Collect and fetch items that can be obtained by the user in the vicinity.

At this time, the battle is not performed, and only the items are collected. However, of items that have priority over other users

In that case, wait until the priority is released and then get it. Imported goods are directly in the user’s inventory.

Will come in.

In order to facilitate item acquisition, it is necessary to continuously check whether the user’s inventory is full.

④ Evasion mode

Instead of following without performing roles such as battle and collection, you will quickly restore your vitality.

However, it should be noted that the enemy monsters can still attack Lacoste.

⑤ Support mode (Racost’s PK support)

-User’s free PK declaration and Racost’s PK support

You can only PK your opponent through the user’s Free PK Declaration, and only in this case, Lacoste will support it.

However, the attack is possible only if the opponent also declares a free PK.

When Ravi is in support mode, the player can hold down the control (ctrl) key and click on the opposing Ravi.

Clicking or attacking an opponent’s character will also attack Lacoste.

-Lacoste continues to attack only targets that have been attacked once.

Only the target attacked by the user will PK, and the attack will not stop until the attacked target falls.

not. At this time, if you want to stop PK, switch to another mode to stop PK.

– Notice

As Lacoste supports PK, Lacoste can also be attacked by characters or other Lacostes.

⑥ Long range release mode (Revolution’s Neo Frogmare attribute release)

With the help of Lacoste, you can fight Neo Frogmare, which has been difficult to fight due to its strong defense properties.

You can fight.

Ravibit’s monster trait unlocking also uses Raviv’s experience.

However, at low levels, its effectiveness is low due to its low success rate and high long release time.

-Ravit’s Attribute Release Attack

If you turn on Labyb’s Neologger property unlock mode, Lacoste stops normal attacks and the surrounding properties

Attack monsters to unlock attributes.

If the attribute is already unlocked, or if the release fails, the monster will deal damage equal to the special attack.

-Defending the defense attribute according to the level of Lacoste

Lacoste can unlock defense starting at level 70.

At first, the probability of success is low, so it is not easily released.

The higher the level, the higher the probability of success of dismissing an attribute and the less time it takes to release it.

As the unlocking ability increases, the experience consumption increases.

level Release Series
line percentage Experience required Delay from release to next release (seconds)
70Lv Shadow 20% 8,000 10
72Lv Hard barrier 20% 8,000 10
73Lv Fudge 20% 8,000 10
75Lv mental 20% 8,000 10
82Lv Shadow 32% 17,600 8
84Lv Hard barrier 32% 17,600 8
85Lv Fudge 32% 17,600 8
87Lv mental 32% 17,600 8
94Lv Shadow 44% 27,200 6
96Lv Hard barrier 44% 27,200 6
97Lv Fudge 44% 27,200 6
99Lv mental 44% 27,200 6
100Lv All series 50% 32,000 5

⑦ Boundary mode (only Ferragon can be used)

Like the battle mode, the attack was made against the monsters nearby, and the cost of rabi was acquired when hunting monsters.

This is a mode where the experience and 50:50 are divided between the character and the cost.

Please note that the character’s experience value is not 50:50.

⑧ Macro Mode (Only Ferragon can be used)

This mode continuously repeats various modes at a specified time.

▣ Defense Enhancement Necklace

■ Manufacture Human’s Lacoste Defense Enhancement Necklace 

There are two types of Lacoste necklaces: Lacoste Earth Necklace and Lacoste Celestial Necklace.
Lacoste’s necklace is a necklace made through human research and informs Labye of the dangers at hand so that Lacoste can respond immediately and not be harmed. The necklace serves to detect and inform melee / physical attacks and special / magic attacks. Earth necklaces are made to be more advantageous for melee / physical combat, and perforated necklaces have a better sense of special / magic.
Each Lacoste necklace has a level limit, and can be worn according to the Lacoste’s level.

■ Types of Defense Enhancement Necklaces and Attachable Options

Lacoste’s Necklace Level limit Melee Physical Evasion (%) Special magic avoidance
Lacoste Earth Necklace 60 levels 20 10
Lacoste Celestial Necklace Level 80 10 30

Necklaces are produced by humans, and the type of necklace can be selected by the user, but when it is completely made, the abilities are different. In some cases, both defense options may be added, and only one option may be added. At least one option must be attached.

■ Items needed to produce Lacoste necklace

Lacoste’s Necklace Assembly kit Processor kit Control kit Cell capsule Antibody capsule Gene capsule
Lacoste Earth Necklace One 4 One One 0 0
Lacoste Celestial Necklace One 4 One One One One



▣ Lacost Storage / Paging Machine

■ When Lacoste is dead (How to use Lacoste Storage)

When Lacoste dies, go to the Lacoste Storage (Veterinarian NPC) to find it.
You can’t find it right away, you have to wait a certain amount of time to find it.
When looking at the archive (veterinary NPC),
don’t forget that it costs a lot of money and reduces the loyalty of Lacoste when they die .
If possible, take good care of Rabi’s death.

■ The appearance of Lacoste pagers

If Ravith died while fighting with Ravith, he couldn’t find it and waited. And it was always possible to return to the village where the Labye Vault was located so that it was possible to find Lavy. However, if you purchase and use a paging device, you don’t have to go back to the village or wait for time.


■ Acquisition of Lacoste pager

You can pay a rhyme at the store and buy a Lacoste pager.


■ Use of Lacoste pagers

If you use a Labye pager in one of the quickslots, you can use the pager to bring your own Labye to a place where you are.


■ Points to note when using Lacoste pagers

When you call Lacoste using a pager, only the vitality is restored, so the rest of the figures should be raised through monitoring. Be especially cautious when Lacoste is dead, as there is a change in loyalty.
In addition, since it is an expensive item, it is necessary to use it for profit and loss.

▣ Transfer of Lacoste

■ Transfer of Lacoste

In the meantime, Ragferant has changed the policy that has prevented the transfer of Lacost, allowing it to be transferred. However, by assigning a document to accurately understand the cost of Lacoste when transferring it, and storing it in Lagferant, it is possible to understand the owner of Lacoste and its upbringing.

■ Purchase of Lacoste Transfer Document

The Lacoste Transfer Document is available for purchase at the store, and is only available after giving 550,000 limes. The Lacoste Transfer Document is only available for general merchandise at the Descartes Lostrum Castle.

■ How to disclose Lacoste information to the other party before transferring

When you transfer a Lacoste transfer document to the exchange window, the other party can check the information by hovering the mouse over the transfer fee document.

■ Transfer method

The transfer of documents purchased in the store can be transferred by exchange. As in the case of trading items, you can place the transfer document in the exchange window and trade. If both sides agree to the transfer, the transfer fee document will disappear, and the transfer fee will be owned by the transferee. At this time, you can also reward by raising a certain amount of lime.

■ Lacoste exchange system

The Lacoste exchange system is a system that allows you to exchange your own Lacoste with your opponent’s Lacoste.

  • -You can exchange the Lacost by placing the Lavy transfer document in the exchange window and making a transaction.
  • -You can exchange if you are Lacoste and your opponent is Ferragon.
  • -When Lacoste and Ferragon are in storage, they cannot be exchanged.

■ Precautions when transferring Lacoste

If there is an existing fee, the fee cannot be transferred. You can receive the transfer after you transfer the cost of your own to another.
The transfer fee document disappears when you exchange it. After that, the other party must purchase the transfer fee document in order to receive it again.

■ Production of hyper items for Lacoste

Scientists observing Ravit’s behavior have discovered that when Ravit is away from his master, it transforms surrounding materials with an unknown energy. Humans, who analyzed the ingredients, found that the materials converted by Lacoste were useful in battle. In particular, when they were attacked by Neolog Maer, they were able to solve the situation in which their condition became strange from their attack, or clear their minds to enable efficient combat.
Items that contain Labye’s earnest desire to always be with the owner can be created by consuming the experience earned by Labye.

■ Acquisition of material items

Two items are required for the production of items in Lacoste. These are regular hyper capsules and advanced hyper capsules. Both can be obtained through collection, but regular hypercapsules are also sold in stores.

Material item name gathering price Remark
Generic hypercapsule Gonter 5,000 Can be obtained by collecting, selling a shop,
producing items below level 81
Advanced Hyper Capsule Goma 10,000 Can be obtained by collecting. Production of items above level 89

■ Acquisition and level up of experience cost

Racost Level Production items Experience required
Level 77 Damage Cumulative Release Capsule 10,000
Level 79 Normal Attack Enhancement Capsule 30,000
Level 81 General Defense Enhancement Capsule 40,000
Level 89 Capsules unlocked 50,000
Level 91 Advanced Attack Enhancement Capsule 50,000
Level 93 Advanced Defense Enhancement Capsule 70,000

■ How to produce items for Lacoste

In order to produce items for Lacoste, you need to complete the conditions and materials for the item, and then click on the Navi Researcher NPC located in Lostholm.
Click on the corresponding NPC to see the current experience and level of Lacoste. Place the hypercapsule in the bottom window and press the item button you want to produce.
However, if the experience or hypercapsules are not suitable, they are not produced.

Racost Level Production items material Experience required
Level 77 Damage Cumulative Release Capsule Generic hypercapsule 10,000
Level 79 Normal Attack Enhancement Capsule Generic hypercapsule 30,000
Level 81 General Defense Enhancement Capsule Generic hypercapsule 40,000
Level 89 Capsules unlocked Advanced Hyper Capsule 50,000
Level 91 Advanced Attack Enhancement Capsule Advanced Hyper Capsule 50,000
Level 93 Advanced Defense Enhancement Capsule Advanced Hyper Capsule 70,000

■ Application of combination level

The combination level reduces the experience consumed during production and can save 1% of experience for every 5 levels.
The combination level can be found in the information window of Lacoste.

▣ Various rules and shortcuts related to cost

[Related rules]

  • -If the cost is over 30, you can give Lacoste any name you like. You can purchase a name tag from the store and put it in a quick slot.
  • -When you go to the Lacoste shop, you can exchange Lacoste for eggs. Rabieb raised at this time disappears completely.
  • -When exchanging a piece of Lacoste, you get 30% of the experience of the previous piece.
  • -During Siege, if you connect to Shylon, Ravi will be automatically saved in the storage room (veterinarian NPC).
  • -Lacoste does not appear in dungeons. However, in dungeons, storage time (veterinary NPC) and hatching time apply.
  • -Only one Rabieb can be raised per character.
  • -Ravi’s experience is only accumulated up to 2 billion experience.

[Shortcut key]

  • -Alphabet Q (q): The cost and mode change window of Lacoste appears.
  • -Alphabet O (o): Lacoste status window appears.
  • -Numeric key 7: Changes the cost of the ravi to battle mode.
  • -Numeric key 8: Changes the cost of the ravi to accompany mode.
  • -Numeric Key 9: Changes the cost of the ravi to the collection mode.
  • -Numeric Key 0: Changes the cost of Lacoste.
  • –Key: Change Lacoste to support mode (Lacoste’s PK support).
  • -= Key: Changes Lacoste to a long range unlock mode (releases Lacoste’s Neo Frogmare attribute).

▣ Lacoste Evolution System

■ Evolution to FerragonUpgrade to a more powerful Ferragon by wearing the exclusive parts item of Ferragon, the evolution of Level 100 Lacoste.

It is possible .


Location: Lostralm Castle

NPC: Pet Assembly (Coordinates: 699, 700 )


① Evolution method

In order to evolve Lacoste, the existing Lacoste level must be level 100.

You can evolve Lacoste as both a defensive type and an attack type by clicking the NPC training assistant with 10 million limes in the exchange window with the ‘Yeoujuju’ item of the fire extinguishing agent.


② Evolution type

* Offensive Ferragon

During the evolution, the vicious ferocity’s instincts have opened its eyes and have excellent attack power, and when hunting, it gives monsters skills related to Zhou to help in hunting.

* Defensive Ferragon

It is specialized in defense in a form faithful to self-defense instinct, and when hunting, it gives characters a defense-related skill to help in hunting.


③ Changes in abilities during evolution

When Lacoste evolves, it is called ‘Peragon’.

After evolution, the level of Ferragon starts at 1 Lv.

Ferragon’s ability depends on the type of evolution.


④ Method of evolution

Click on the training assistant located at Lost Ralm Castle and select Evolution> Select one of the two types: Attack type / Defense type.

Click the OK button. (Evolution is possible only when the item ‘Youiju’ is in the exchange window when it is evolving.)


⑤ Boundary mode and macro mode added

* Boundary mode

Like the battle mode, it actively attacks the monsters around it, and when hunting monsters, it splits the characters with 50:50 experience.

* Macro mode

It is a mode that allows you to repeatedly perform various modes at a specified time and is located on the right side of the boundary mode.

You can set the macro of the Ferragon by clicking the corresponding button.


⑥ List of offensive / defensive parts items



Kinds Item name
horn Basic horns Yellow horns Red horns
head Basic hair Yellow hair Red hair
body Basic body Yellow body Red body
foot Basic foot Yellow foot Red feet
wing Basic wings Yellow wings Red wings
tail Primary tail Yellow tail Red tail



Kinds Item name
horn Basic horns Green horns Black horns
head Basic hair Green hair Black hair
body Basic body Green body Black body
foot Basic foot Abstract foot Black foot
wing Basic wings Green wings Black wings
tail Primary tail Green tail Black tail


▣ Drake Evolution System

Step1: UP feragon lvl 100.


Step2: Add in trade slot > 1 red bullion , 10 platinum bullion , 4 strawberry , 1 upgrade 100%.


Step3: Open NPC Pet Training > choose Evolution and click training.


Step4: Equip your Drake.



Step5: Right Click in item Drake > Click OK.





⑦ Ferragon skill



Skill name Acquisition level Skill statement
Poison 20Lv Poisons enemies, dealing constant damage.
paralysis  40Lv Makes the opponent incapable of attack.
Cold  80Lv Slows the opponent’s attack speed.
black hole 90Lv Decreases some of the opponent’s remaining health.



Skill name Acquisition level Skill statement
Breath 20Lv Long range attack skill, fire fire to attack the opponent.
Guardian  40Lv Do not fall into a state for a certain period of time
protect  80Lv The overall resistance of the master character increases.
life  90Lv The base character’s basic resilience increases.


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