Gems/Magic Stones

▣ Small Equipment

image Item name Condition availability effect
Radar Assembly Level 1 Race Shadow-based monsters can be identified
Hard barrier conversion Assembly Level 1 Race When a hard-barrier-type monster attacks, Vulcan’s concentrated hit skill triggers a similar effect.
Fuzzy transformation Assembly Level 1 Race Effect similar to Kyripton’s unlock skill when attacking fuzzy monsters
Bolt resistance Assembly Level 1 Race 10% increased resistance to bolt strikes
Volcanic resistance Assembly Level 1 Race 10% increase in resistance to volcanic shots
Petrification resistance Assembly Level 1 Race 10% increased resistance to petrification
Cold resistance Assembly Level 1 Race 10% increased resistance to cold
Electric shock Assembly Level 3 Human only Like Adia’s Safety Shield, apply reflex damage to
opponents 50% reflex damage to monsters
10% reflex damage to characters
Electric absorption Assembly Level 5 Human only Electric Shield’s power consumption reduced by 10%
Electric amplification Assembly Level 7 Human only 10% increased damage while consuming electricity
Integrated resistance Assembly Level 10 Race All resistance increased by 10%
Space controller Assembly Level 10 Human only Spraying the search wavelength once every 10 seconds to make the shadow-based monster’s series effect disappear.
Integrated conversion Assembly Level 10 Race Apply the same effect of hard barrier transformation and fuzzy transformation


■ Features of small equipment

Small equipment is a bracelet item with one specific ability.

It can be produced by human assembly, and can be divided into two categories: one that can be used by all races and one that can be used exclusively by humans.

In addition, humans can have various abilities at once by installing small equipment in a heavy weapon.


■ How to use small equipment

Small equipment can be used simply by wearing it on the arm, and it can also be used by combining small equipment with a heavy weapon.


■ Putting small equipment in a heavy weapon

① Pick up small equipment with a mouse.

② Click the left button on a heavy machine equipped with a small device mounted on the mouse cursor on the back.

③ If the slot remains, the small equipment is synthesized in the heavy weapon.

※ Two or more identical small equipment cannot be combined into a heavy weapon.


■ Subtracting small equipment from heavy weapons

If you right-click to neutralize the item without holding anything, the small pieces of equipment are separated one by one.

▣ Scroll

image Item name effect
Wand charging Used to charge the charging stick
paralysis Making an opponent incapable of attack
chaos When an opponent attacks, there is a probability of failure
Cold Slows the opponent’s attack speed
petrification Make the opponent immobile
protect Vitality does not decrease after a certain period of attack


■ Features of scroll

Scrolls are spell-written documents that can be used depending on the level of Kailipton’s ancient language decoding.

The type of scroll is determined.

In general, scrolls should be used after being placed in a magic book, but some scrolls are directly

It can be used.


▣ Spellbook

image Item name effect
Normal Book (1 ~ 4) 1 ~ 4 level scroll can be inserted (15 registers available)
Red Book (1 ~ 4) 1 ~ 4 level scroll can be inserted (40 registrations available)
Normal Book (5) 1 ~ 5 level scroll can be inserted (35 registers available)
Red Book (5) 1 ~ 5 level scroll can be inserted (50 can be registered)
Normal Book (6) 1 ~ 6 level scroll can be inserted (55 registrations available)
Red Book (6) 1 ~ 6 level scroll can be inserted (65 registers available)


■ Features of Spellbook

The Spellbook is a kind of archive for recording scrolls, and it uses dozens of spells at once.

You can go around.

Spellbooks have a limited level of scrolling that can be recorded depending on the type, and the higher the spellbook, the higher the level.

Scrolling can be recorded.


■ Spell Bull Scroll

① Assign the spellbook and scroll with the correct level to the quick slot.

② If you press the number of the quick slot that contains the scroll, the scroll is saved in the spellbook.

③ Only one scroll of the same level can be saved in one spellbook.

④ Even if you don’t have the level of deciphering the ancient language, you can put the scroll on the spellbook, but you cannot use it.

⑤ If there are multiple spellbooks in the quick slot, scrolling is automatically saved in the spellbook that meets the conditions.


■ Using Spellbook

① Press the quickslot number containing the spellbook.

② Click the opponent to use the spell.

③ When you click an empty area, the cursor shape returns to its original state.

 Item reinforcement

▣ Gem Chip

image Item name
Third-level correction chip
Second-level correction chip
1st level correction chip
Level 3 Topaz Chip
Level 2 Topaz Chip
Class 1 Topaz Chip
Class 3 Opal Chip
Class 2 Opal Chip
Class 1 Opal Chip
Class 3 Sapphire Chip
Class 2 Sapphire Chip
Class 1 sapphire chip
Class 3 Ruby Chip
Level 2 Ruby Chip
Grade 1 Ruby Chip
Class 3 Emerald Chip
2nd Emerald Chip
1st Emerald Chip
Class 3 Diamond Chip
Level 2 Diamond Chip
Class 1 Diamond Chip
Class 3 Regent Diamond Chip
Class 2 Regent Diamond Chip
Regent Diamond Chip


※ About chips

Each chip has 1 to 3 chips for each jewel, and when 5 lower chips are collected, they can be exchanged for 1 higher chip.

(ex) Magic Sapphire

5 class 3 sapphire chips-> 1 class 2 sapphire chip

5 grade sapphire chips-> 1 grade sapphire chip

5 first grade sapphire chips-> Magic Sapphire

The exchange can be exchanged with the jeweler.

※ Characteristic
-Chips can be obtained when hunting like gemstones, and from 1 to 3 levels of chips can be obtained from all monsters.

-The drop probability of gems is the same as before, and the chips have different odds depending on the series, but on average, they have several times higher probability than gems.

-Chips can be exchanged through the NPC, a jeweler opposite the warehousekeeper.

When exchanging, insert 5 chips of the same series into the exchange window and click NPC to change to the top chip or gem.

※ Chip dice mini-game

1) In addition to the method of exchanging 5 chips with the top chip, it is a method of exchanging the chip with the top chip by selecting the number of dice.

You can challenge with just one chip, but there are risks.

2) Method

① Place only one chip to be upgraded in the exchange window.

② After clicking NPC, click only the number plate numbered 1 ~ 6.

③ If the number you have chosen wins, the chip in the exchange window will be replaced with the first-level chip.

In other words, the 3rd chip turns into a 2nd chip, and the 1st chip turns into a magic gem.

④If you do not win, the chip in the exchange window will drop or disappear to the lower level chip.

In the case of the 1st chip, it falls to the 2nd chip, but if the 3rd chip fails, the chip disappears.

▣ Gemstone

image Item name Available level
Amethyst 20 ~ 30
Topaz gemstone 31 ~ 60
Opal gemstone 61 ~ 90
Sapphire Ore 91 ~ 120
Ruby gemstone 121-150
Emerald ore 151 ~ 180
Diamond ore 181 ~
Regent Diamond Ore 261 ~

▣ Jewelry

image Item name Available level
Magic amethyst 1 ~ 30
Magic Topaz 31 ~ 60
Magic opal 61 ~ 90
Magic sapphire 91 ~ 120
Magic Ruby 121-150
Magic Emerald 151 ~ 180
Magic diamond 181 ~
Magic Regent Diamond 261 ~
Great Magic Crystal 1 ~ 30
Great Magic Topaz 31 ~ 60
Great Magic Opal 61 ~ 90
Great Magic Sapphire 91 ~ 120
Great Magic Ruby 121-150
Great Magic Emerald 151 ~ 180
Great Magic Diamond 181 ~
Great Magic Regent Diamond 261 ~

▣ Sharpener

image Item name effect
Sharpener (500) Slayer Durability 500 Recovery
Sharpener (1000) Slayer Durability 1000 Recovery
Wheel for Chakram (500) Recovers 500 Chakram Durability
Chakram Sharpener (1000) Chakram Durability 1000 Recovery

▣ Manastone

image Item name Explanation
Amiga Stone The lowest level manastone cannot be applied to an item.
Two Amiga Manastones and Amiga Manastone Tablets can be used to purify them.
Bastard When applied to inorganic
minimum damage rise (phase 1 + 1, Step 2: +2, +5 step 3)
up to the damage rises (Step 1: +1, Step 2: +2, Step 3: +5)
blow probability increases ( Level 1: + 3%, Level 2 + 6%, Level 3 + 12%) Increases physical defensewhen applied to armor
(Level 1: +1, Level 2: +2, Level 3: +5)
Increases magic defense (1 Phase: +2, Phase 2: +5, Phase 3: +10)
Nymph Magic Stone Increases total weapon damage when applying weapons (Level 1 +1, Level 2: +2, Level 3 +5)
Increases the chance of critical strike (Level 1: + 3%, Level 2 + 6%, Level 3 + 12%)
※ Critical Strike : Increases total defensewhen applied to damage armor that is added 50% of basic damage
(Level 1: +1, Level 2: +2, Level 3: +5)
Silufma Stone When applying a
weapon, %% increase in basic weapon damage (Level 1 2%, Level 2: 5%, Level 3 10%) Whenapplying to armor,
increase the item’s defense% (Level 1: 5%, Level 2: 10%, Level 3: 15%)
[Addition of Adia Manastone Refining Ability]

Adia’s Manastone Refining ability has been added as a standard.

Without special skill, Edia can refine the manastone.

[Obtaining and Purifying Manastones]

When hunting monsters, the lowest level Amiga can acquire items such as manastones and manastone tablets.

Manastones are divided into 4 types, and the types of options that can be given are determined by the type of manastones.

Manastones can be refined by AIDIA by acquiring Amiga manastones and tablets of each level.

To make a higher level manastone, you can use 2 lower level manastones and 1 tablet.

You can apply for purification by entering ‘// tablet ADIA name’ to ADIA.

When a window for refining appears , place the manastone to be refined and the refining agent together, and if the amount is raised, the corresponding adia can refinish the  manastone.


ADIA Lv. 1 ~ Lv.30 Amiga Stone → Nomad Stone
ADIA Lv.31 ~ Lv.60 Amiga Stone → Nomad Stone, Nomad Stone → Nymph Stone
ADIA Lv.61 ~ Amiga Stone → Nomad Stone, Nomad Stone → Nymph Magic Stone, Nymph Magic Stone → Siluf Magic Stone
[Application of Manastone]

When applying a manastone, if you drop a manastone over the item to which the manastone is applied, a menu of applicable options appears.

Choosing one of these will grant that option to the item. If you select an option that has already been applied, you will be able to upgrade to Step 3 through Step 2  .

The figures for each step are already set for each option.

[Limitation of Manastone Application]

Depending on the type of gem used for the upgrade, the number and level of options you can attach will be limited.

# For weapons

Amethyst class item: minimum damage rise

Topaz level item: Maximum damage increase + Amethyst level item option

Opal Item: 20% increased final blow + Topaz item option

Sapphire class item: Increased weapon damage + opal item option

Ruby level item: 50% increase in critical strike + sapphire level item option

Emerald item: %% weapon damage + ruby ​​item option

# Armor

In the case of armor, you can upgrade the Giga option from top-class items. Topaz-class item: Increased physical defense

Opal-class Item: Increases magic defense + Topaz-class armor option

Sapphire and Ruby level items: Increased overall defense + Opal level armor option

Emerald level or higher:% total defense + Sapphire and Ruby armor options

[Application of penalty]

When a character dies, one of the options given has a chance to drop one level.


[Changes to existing items due to the appearance of the manastone]

Some of the damage and defense options attached to the existing special items are replaced by other options.

Replaced options do not fall or disappear even if they die.

Some of the options attached to the existing special items are replaced by one of the options below.


* For weapons, depending on the options

Total damage + 4

Total damage + 10

Total damage + 20


* In the case of armor, depending on the content of the option

Overall Defense + 10

Overall Defense + 20

Overall Defense + 30


The above values ​​apply, and the total damage increase obtained by using the manastone on the item is applied separately.

In other words, if an option replaced by +20 total damage is added to the giga option of +10 total damage as a manastone, the total damage is  reflected as +30.


▣ Summon Stone

image Item name Skill level offense power Summon time (seconds) Remark
Backhoe summons One 80 500
Strong White Tiger Summon Stone 2 80 1000
Khmero Summon Stone 3 100 400
Strong Khmero Summon Stone 4 100 1000
Devil Summon Stone 5 300 300
Strong Devil Summon Stone 6 300 1000
Jackal Summon Stone 7 500 1200
Strong Jackal Summon Stone 8 500 1300
Shadow Summon Stone 9 900 3000
Strong Shadow Summon Stone 10 900 3500
Drago Ring 11 800 3000
Strong Dragon Ring 12 800 3500
Eren Sohwan Stone 11 500 Summon time increases up to 2 times depending on obedience skill
Upper Siren Summon Stone 12 1000 Oh eyidi ATK + 10% skill level obedience only keumo rise to zoom in
obedience level 10 for a total of 20% attack power rise applies to
summon up to two times the rise time, depending on obedience skills
Winter Summon Stone 13 1040 3000
Strong Winter Summon Stone 14 1040 3500


■ Features of Summoner

Summoners are the souls of monsters that move according to Edia’s orders

Therefore, they are attacked by monsters, but ordinary characters cannot attack monsters.

Edia’s charming wind skill level determines the summoning stones that can be used, and summons them according to obedience skill level.

The strength of the monster will be determined.

When obedience skill is raised, attack power and vitality are up to 3 times stronger and summoning time is also 2 times longer.

At this time, the summoning time is not indicated on the summoning stone, but the time is increased internally when the summons are called.


■ How to use Summon Stone

① Summon the summoning stone suitable for the skill level into the quick slot and press the number to summon the summoned stone.

② Pressing the quickslot again will force the summoned to be returned to the summoning stone.

    (The summoning time does not decrease when the summons are in the summoning seat.)

③ When summons are summoned and summoned again, the life force is filled.

    (Summon time will be shortened if the summoner dies.)


■ PK between summons

① Use the Light of Life skill on your own summoner and your opponent’s summoner.

    (The summons become opaque.)

② We attack each other’s summons with characters.

③ Summoners attack each other.

    (The character’s attack does not wear out damage.)

    A character cannot attack a summoner, but a summoner can attack a character attacked by Edia.

    Likewise, if you use Edia’s Light of Life skill, you can attack summoners.

※ All sub-items are irrelevant to the character level and can only be used after raising the skill level.

▣ Mobile device

image Item name effect
Paros Mobile Moved to Paros
Feedback Return to character’s exit
Zone shifter Zone transfer to Dmitron area
Hidden Square Mobile Moved to Hidden Square
Time Lift Shifter Moved to time lift
Amphitheater moving device Moved to the amphitheater
La Gramia Square Moving Device Moved to La Gramia Square
Giant Barrack Mobile Moved to the 4th floor of Searust Dungeon
Designated transmission device You can move after designating a certain place
Integrated zone shifter Fallon Ruins S1, S2 / Marboden

Move to all regions except

※ All mobile devices can be used in a quick slot.

 ■ Saving a designated transmission device

1. Move to the place you want to remember.

2. Use the designated transmission device in the quick slot.

3. When the designated transmission interface comes out, save it with the Save button in the order you want to register.

    Up to 5 locations can be saved.

 ■ Using a designated transmission device

1. Insert the designated transmission device into the quick slot and use it.

2. The designated transmission interface comes out, and if you press the transfer button at the location you want to move, it moves to that location.

    However, it cannot be used in peace zones, and in the case of designated transmission devices, it can only be moved in the zone.

    In addition, some zones may be used only when using ragrush.

▣ Bullet

image Item name effect
Charging shells Filling capacity of bullets in the filling
canister: 25
Charging shell set Filling capacity of bullets in the filling
canister: 50
Flame Capsule Flamethrower
charge: 15
Flame Capsule Set Flamethrower
charge: 30
Laser capsule The
amount of bullets in the laser : 30
Laser capsule set The
amount of bullets in the laser : 60
Small mines Ammo throwing
charge: 1
Small mine set Ammo thrower
charge: 2
Small rocket Bullet
charge in a small rocket : 1
Small rocket set Bullet
charge in a small rocket : 10
Rapid Missile The
amount of bullets charged in the Repeatfire : 10

▣ Capsule

image Item name Where to get
Cell capsule Decadun 2F
Antibody capsule Decaren
Gene Capsule Decadun 4F
Harpoon Capsule Decadun 4F
Can Capsule Decaren
Dragon Capsule Paros
Soul Capsule Searust

▣ Antiquities

image Item name How to get
Ancient presence (sword) Ruin Quest, Event,
Evolution Encounter
Antiquities (Axe) Ruin Quest, Event,
Evolution Encounter
Ancient artifact (staff) Ruin Quest, Event,
Evolution Encounter
Ancient relics (case) Ruin Quest, Event,
Evolution Encounter
Ancient artifact (ring) Ruin Quest, Event,
Evolution Encounter
Ancient Artifact (Twin Blade) Ruin Quest, Event,
Evolution Encounter
Ancient artifact (hammer) Ruin Quest, Event,
Evolution Encounter
Ancient artifact (helmet) Boss raid, event 
Ancient relics (armor) Boss raid, event
Ancient artifacts (pants) Boss raid, event
Antiquities (Boots) Boss raid, event

▣ Dragon Hunter’s Signet


image Item name How to get
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (1) Boss Raid 
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (2) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (3) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (4) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (5) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (6) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (7) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (8) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (9) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (10) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (11) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (12) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (13) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (14) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (15) Boss Raid
Dragon Hunter’s Signet (16) Boss Raid


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