Instructions Kubera Mine:

Map available from 00-07

1- Teleport to Kubera Mine map via teleport in Venatus

2- Must have at least 1 character from each race in your group, in order to advance to other stages

3- Rewards List (BETA)

BOSSES ROOM 2-3-4-5-6-7

8x Ritz Lv.3

1x Kubera BOSS Box : Open in Bunny girls can get random LP/FAME

LP = (50,100,150) … FAME= (200,400,600)


Spider Boss ROOM 8

2x Ritz Lv.3

6x Premium Personal Shop

1x Fragment Evolution V2 : use for upgrade your Pet Helper 40% to 45% +7500HP

1x GS(900)

1x Ritz Lv.1

2x Kubera Spider Box : Open in Bunny girls can get random Boss Spwan.

Can Spwan in laglamia Only.

[Venatos]-Boss Galeitos
[Venatus]-Boss Harvester
[Venatus]-Boss Dragold

[Venatus]-Boss ShadowGover


Drop Rate 15% :

1x Recipe Pet Helper 45% V2

1x Card Evolution V2 





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