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▣ Lagrush Reloaded


■ What is Lagrush Reloaded?

‘Ragrush Reloaded’ (hereafter Lagrush R) is a convenience system supported by Ragheim itself.

Character development can be made more convenient and faster, and communication such as party play and guild members and chatting with acquaintances

Ragheim’s own functional user interface (UI) is also useful when doing

■ Steps to use Larush R

■ Using Lagrush R

> Setting Rush R  Click the button to go to the screen where you can set Rush R in detail.

> Start Rush R  :  Click the button to launch Rush R.
The corresponding mark flashes in the upper right corner, and Lagrush R is executed.

※ If you run Lagrush in the corresponding zone and move to another zone, close Lagrush and run again.

     You have to use it to receive the benefits of Larush.

> Ragrush R character registration: You can use Ragrush R only by registering your character name and race and setting  them.

> Lagrush setting: Select a character name and press the set button to set it according to the registered character.

> Lagrush detail setting: You can set the details according to the selected character.

Lagrush Pet

■ Setting the cost

※ If you don’t want to use Racost, please clear all options [check].


① Use Lacoste

If you want to use Lacoste, check the function and
choose whether to hunt with the character or only Lacoste.


② hunting mode

Basic hunting mode This is a function to set the basic state of Ravi, which can be selected as combat / accompaniment / acquisition / avoidance / support / remote release mode / boundary mode / macro mode.
Evasion mode If the cost of Ravi’s HP falls below the set percentage, it automatically switches to Evasion mode, and when HP recovers, it changes to the state set in the basic hunting mode.





Purchase Lagrush


① Purchase of slot goods

In the slot item purchase setting, place one or more items in the quick slot where various potions, auxiliary weapons, fillers, and feedback devices are set, and set the number of accidents or finds.

* You must start the ragrush after placing more than one item in the slot in the game, and when setting the return condition in the return setting, set it to [0] or less.

* If you want to take out the items stored in the warehouse and use them, uncheck the number in front of the corresponding slot number and set how many items you want to take out from the maximum number.

* Lagrush operation will automatically stop specifying that you cannot purchase items that cannot be purchased from NPCs, such as special potions. 

* If you assign a return device to slot 6, even if you do not specify the number of purchases, if you start a ragrush in the village when there is only one left in the slot, an additional one is purchased in the inventory. (Please assign the return device to slot 6 as much as possible.)

* The designated transmission device, like the feedback device, does not specify the number, and if there is only one left in the slot, if you start rushing in the village, an additional one is purchased in the inventory. (One is always maintained when the specified transmission is moved)


② Maximum number of possessions

You can adjust the maximum number you can carry in your inventory. In the purchase of slot goods, it must be unchecked, and it must be checked if you register and use Quick Slot in the game.

Ex) When a star candy is registered in slot 3 in the game, and you own 20 in the warehouse and set it as 10 maintenance-When
       there are 7 remaining in the inventory, you can find 3 in the warehouse- 
          > 17 warehouses, inventory Keep 10-Keep
       15 in the inventory and keep 5 in the warehouse when you return-
          > Keep 25 warehouses and 10 inventory

* When setting the maximum holding gas, it is taken out of the warehouse and used, so even if the item is insufficient, it is not purchased in the store.


③ Purchase additional items

When on, buy Ravi’s apples and pagers for the specified number.


④ Warehouse and durability repair

Using the warehouse You can leave or find items in the warehouse in Lagramia / Chileon / Aperture / Whitehorn / Janus / Dmitron / Turan / Valkariya / Barsha / Quaz / Beargrid area.

※ When you leave an item, you can only leave the item set by picking the item in the automatic hunting setting.
※ In the case of items placed in slots, warehouse movement is generally not possible, but when setting the maximum number of possessions, storage other than the maximum number is possible.

Repairing durable items Automatically repairs items with low durability. (Akeron Server)

※ If you check the corresponding function, you can automatically repair items with durability, and you can use them only with Akeron Server.







Lagrush Shift setting


① Return setting


If the health potion drops below the set number, it returns to the village.

Magic power

If the magic potion drops below the set number, it returns to the village.


If the stamina potion drops below the set number, return to the village.

Electric power

If the power potion drops below the set number, it returns to the village.

Auxiliary filler

If the auxiliary filler drops below the set number, it will return to the village.

Summon Stone

If the number of Summon Stones falls below the set number, return to the village.

Health level

If the health level drops below the set percentage, return to the village.


Return to town if the apples run out when using Lacoste & Ferragon.

Lacoste pager

When the Lacoste pager runs out, return to the village. (Including Ferragon)


② Move to the hunting ground

■ Using the
 designated transmission device-Set to move using the designated transmission device in the game.

※ In the unavailable area, set to move by using the walk. 
※ Please specify the designated transmission device in the quick slot 5 as much as possible.


■ Moving on foot
 -Keypad + key: After saving the coordinate designation to be passed and disabling the use of the designated transmission device, it moves from the village to the hunting ground while sequentially passing through the specified coordinates.
 -Keypad-Key: Deletes the designated coordinates one by one.
 -You can save the movement path for each zone and delete the saved coordinates using the delete button.

Example) Coordinate designation example

※ Character movement between the entered coordinates and coordinates moves in a straight line regardless of obstacles.
   Therefore, if there is an obstacle between the coordinates and coordinates, the movement will not be smooth.






Hunting Settings

① Use setting

Set whether to use items such as picking up items used to hunt monsters, avoid hitting mobs, etc., and set the character’s activity range.

Evasion Setting: Determines whether to use ‘Escape Setting’.
Item Acquisition Use : Determines whether or not to use ‘pick up items’.
Hunting range : If you set the hunting range by entering the number from 110 to 500 , you will hunt without leaving the range.


② Designated as a first strike monster

After entering the name of the monster and clicking the [Add] button, the name of the monster is added to the empty space at the bottom.
If the monster comes out during hunting, it is preferentially hunted.
Select the name of the currently added monster and click the [Delete] button to delete the monster name.

③ Pick up items

-After entering the name of the item you want to pick up, press the [Add] button to add the item.
-If there is an unnecessary item among the added items, select the item name and press the [Delete] button.
-Items not registered in the item shortening slot are stored in the warehouse upon returning to the village.
(Procurement of goods-When activating warehouse use)

④ Avoidance setting

After entering the monster to avoid, click the [Add] button to save.
If you encounter a monster or user saved in the hunting ground, you return to the village, and when the
set time has elapsed, you return to the hunting ground.

* The name and spacing of the monster or user must be entered correctly and added one at a time.





Skill Settings

■ Skill Setting

After selecting whether it is an attack skill or a buff skill, set the time interval and shortcut key to cast the skill.


 Skill setting (default on the left)

You can use it by registering it for the left mouse skill only.



After hunting monsters, you can choose whether to use the skill from the 1st time or use it continuously.


③ Skill setting (right)

If the shortcut key for setting the skill and the setting part do not match, it does not work normally.
If you do not want to use shortcuts, please uncheck [Check]. It may not operate normally.
The use interval of the skill can only be from 1 to 100 seconds.

* If you use it without specifying a skill shortcut, it will not work properly. 

* If the skill usage time is set to 1, it may malfunction because the skill is pressed every 0.1 seconds.

  (If possible, set the skill delay time appropriately.)


④ Shield

It can be used by characters with shield skill, and the shield is cast using a shortcut key at a set time interval.


⑤ Recovery (Adeia only)

Set the magic power value and hot key to cast the recovery skill with the dedicated skill window of AIDIA. 

* In the vitality setting section, the value must be higher than the percentage of vitality, and other races besides the Edia and Kyripton races may malfunction if the program is checked.


⑥ Bloody Mana (Kailipton only)

Set the magic power value and hot key to cast Bloody Mana skill.

* If you check the function of other races other than the Kyripton race, the program may malfunction.


⑦ Vampire Touch (Kyripton)

Set vitality values ​​and shortcuts to cast vampire touch skills.

* If you check the function of other races other than the Kyripton race, the program may malfunction.

① Potion setting

Health: If the health drops below the set percentage, use the corresponding potion using the shortcut key.
Magic Power: If the magic power falls below the set percentage, use the shortcut to use the potion.
Stamina: If the stamina falls below the set percentage, use the corresponding potion using the hot key.
Electric Power: If the electric power falls below the set percentage, use the shortcut to use the potion.

* Only up to 2 potion settings are supported.

* If the item is not placed in the shortcut item slot according to the setting, it will not operate normally.

② Use of special medicine (wang candy, star candy, etc.)

Use a special potion in the game’s quick slot window.

* Please note that if you do not specify in the quickslot window in the game, there will be no action at the beginning of the village.             

If you are not equipped with special items such as royal candy, star candy, chaos ball, etc., please uncheck [Check].

 ③ Secondary weapon filler

Set the number of durability to use the filler.

* Please note that if the durability of the filler is higher than that of the filler, it will not operate normally. If you do not have an auxiliary weapon, please cancel the check. It does not operate normally.

 ④ Summoning Stone (Edia)

Check this if you want to use the summoning stone of the AIDIA character.
After specifying the shortcut key for the summoning stone, you can set how many summons HP is left to summon.

* If you check the function of other races besides the Edia race, the program may malfunction. 

* If there is no summoning stone even for the Edia race, please cancel the [Check].

⑤ Lacoste pager

Setting the pager’s hotkey will automatically bring it back when Lacoste is dead.

⑥ Lagrush mode setting

When using ragrush, you can change the mode according to the situation. 

* Automatic potion: Use only Larush’s potion setting function.
* Semi-auto (potion + skill): You can only use the functions of Lagrush’s potion setting and skill setting.
* Full Auto: You can use all the features of LaGrush.

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