Laglamia PVP EVENT

How to participate : 

1- If you are already in any Guild ,click on the NPC ” Temporary Out Guild

Don’t worry, after the battle is over your guild will return to normal.

Coordenate 829 ,  812




2- If you are not in Guild skip the first step , click on the NPC ” Create Guild  ”

This NPC will generate a Guild with a random name, in this battle mode it is not possible to add members to the guild.

Coordenate  826 , 812



3-  Destroy the trophy in the center of the football field.


4- Kill enemies and earn war points.


5- If you are the highest scorer by the end of the battle,congratulations you will receive rewards.

Check in NPC Caru Etrader ,map Lost Realm


Rewards: 2x Buff 500% Exp 30 minutes, Soccer Back Special 60% atk,def,exp  limited 6 hours, 2x GS 900 , 30 minutes 450% buff ATK/DEF/EXP .



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