Evolution Encounter

Evolution Encounter

1. Synopsis

‘Evolution Encounter’ is a secret dungeon in which Ragheim’s ancient civilization is hidden.
The areas currently reported to be found are Shilon and White Horn .

This place is known as the site of genetic mutation experiments in the past, and
the organisms in it have a strong vitality and strength that is unparalleled among any other animals.
You can also enter a secret room by breaking the crystal that sealed the deep inside area.

2. Apply for Evolution Encounter

No.: Participation application sequence
time: Participation time
Guild name: Guild name that
participated Applicant Applicant: Character name of
participation Current status: Whether or not to apply for participation, Evolution Encounter is in progress Display
button: Part to apply for reservation

Application NPC : Shilon, guild hunter manager in the village of White Horn Zone

Application fee : 3 million limes (1.5 million limes refunded when canceled)
* 50% of the amount is paid as a tax to the
Seongju Guild * 10% discount when applying for the Seongju Guild

Application time : 6 pm (18 pm) to 8 pm (20 pm), no minimum restrictions
* Same-day application is unavailable, 1 day before 2 days before

Applicable character conditions : Guild Master, Vice Guild Master
* Cancellation is only available to the person who applied
* Only once per day can be applied (no region difference, one guild can apply for one shire and one white horn)

Evolution balls are available upon request.
* If you apply by consuming an Evolution Ball that is being sold in the LP store, you will earn twice the experience you earn when you proceed with the Evolution Encounter.

Game duration : 50 minutes each time

1st round 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
00: 00 ~ 00: 50 20: 00 ~ 20: 50 21: 00 ~ 21: 50 22: 00 ~ 22: 50 23: 00 ~ 23: 50

3. Methods and Rules

Step 1: Notice 10 minutes before the start

Step 2: Enter the challenge guild at that time through the mobile gate

Shilon Mobile Gate (coordinate: 675,120) White Horn Mobile Gate (coordinate: 881,538)

Step 3: Destroy the crystal inside the area where the Evolution Encounter is going to appear.

Step 4: Destroy all 10 crystals in the area to open a secret room

Rule (Rule)
     skill constraints:
 calm (eyidi ah), teleportation (eyidi ah), latency technology (Human), return (Chi Lipton)
     : Mobile device constraints can not be used any mobile device, such as specifying transmission equipment, mobile zone governments
     to town Movement: Only possible with the blue movement gate placed in the shop area. Lacoste
     : Automatically stored to the vet when entering the area where the evolution counter is in progress.
     Exit message: 5 minutes before the end
* Monsters in the evolution counter have more health and attack power than the existing monsters. Because of the significant differences, it is necessary to cooperate with each guild member.
* Regardless of the stage of the match, the challenge ends automatically when the time limit has elapsed.

4 . Boss monster abilities

one.  Has 100% resistance to attribute magic (including book and scroll), and allows multiple ranged attacks

two. Avoiding sub-class weapons, avoiding second attack

Three. Evasion rate exists for Regent weapons (low evasion rate)

four. When HP falls below 10%, it becomes angered and increases attack power by 30%, and returns to its original state when it recovers more than 10%

5. Monster Drop Items

Lime  50,000

Relic-class weapons required for crafting artifacts, Evolution bracelets, various orders, emerald chips, diamond chips, emerald gemstones, diamond gemstones, salamander gemstones, emerald-class weapons, orb weapon charging items, etc.

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