Battle Royale

           Instructions Battle Royale:


Required Level 850 : Teleport in map Highland or Venatus

Press the letter  “B” on the keyboard to see its status.

On this map it is only possible to use special hp pots that fall from the boxes.

If you die, you will return to the laglam map, and lose all items collected from Battle Royale.

Kill an opponent: if he has exp greater than 50, you will steal 40 exp.

It is necessary to have the correct “key weapon”to damage the mobs, follow by color.

Whenever you change your royale armor: remove all items including costumes/pet, and add again so that all statuses work correctly


Monsters Royale ,Bulkan,Human,Kailpton,.etc.

DROP LIST:[Royale]-Set Lv.1   /    [Royale]-Weapon Lv.1   / #Basic_Weapon




#Basic_Box=Drop List:    #Crude_Weapon/sub weapon lvl 4

#Crude_Box =Drop List: #Grand_Weapon/[Royale]-HP Potion Lv.1/[Royale]-HP EXTEND Lv.1/[Royale]-Set Lv.2

#Grand_Box =Drop List: #Rare_Weapon

#Rare_Box =Drop List:    #Arcane_Weapon/[Royale]-HP Potion Lv.3/[Royale]-HP EXTEND Lv.3/[Royale]-Set Lv.4

#Arcane_Box =Drop List:#Unique_Weapon/[Royale]-HP Potion Lv.4/[Royale]-Weapon Lv.2

#Unique_Box =Drop List:#Heroic_Weapon/[Royale]-HP Potion Lv.5/[Royale]-HP EXTEND Lv.3/[Royale]-Armor Lv.5

#Heroic_Box =Drop List: #Divine_Weapon/[Royale]-HP Potion Lv.6/[Royale]-HP EXTEND Lv.3/[Royale]-Armor Lv.6

#Divine_Box =Drop List: #Celestial_Weapon/[Royale]-HP Potion Lv.7/[Royale]-HP EXTEND Lv.5/[Royale]-Armor Lv.7

#Celestial_Box =Drop List: #Epic_Weapon/[Royale]-HP Potion Lv.8/[Royale]-HP EXTEND Lv.6/[Royale]-Armor Lv.8

#Epic_Box  =Drop List: #Legendary_Weapon/[Royale]-HP Potion Lv.9/[Royale]-Weapon Lv.3


  #Legendary_Box X 

Drop List:


[Royale]-HP Potion Lv.10

[Royale]-HP EXTEND Lv.6

[Royale]-Armor Lv.9


#Mythic_Boss Fox Spawn : 21600 seconds

Drop List:

6x Royale Artifacts (Gem)

2x God Stone 900

1x Soul Absorb Weapon

2x Soul Absorb Armor

6x [Royale]-Box Kit

Box Royale  exchange npc bunny : Kit Royale Pandora

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